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Epoxy Surface Coatings

There are many and varied surface coating products available to this market, at we have researched these products and we have chosen to carry the AV Syntec & Epirez range of Epoxy products, the reasons are simply that we believe these products are the best available in this range, this is supported by a company with over 35 years of experience in flooring product design. We prefer to deal with industry leaders, AV Syntec & Epirez, Slipsafe is totally Australian owned putting our dollars back into our economy.

This is an example of an Epirez roll on anti skid floor surface on concrete, this would be amongst the most aggressive anti skid surfaces we would be asked to provide, a typical application would include a ramp for fork lift trucks in an outside area which is exposed to weather, this product is available in a full range of colours, the most popular we have found is a bright safety yellow, other colours include Blue, Grey, Black, Brown and Green, special colours can be provided on request for corporate colour schemes.

This range of products can be provided as a solvent-less epoxy for application in areas where fumes and smell are a problem, such as food environments, Schools, or any situation which requires a fume free application, drying times are generally in the area of 8 hours with light traffic access within 24 hours.

To accurately cost these applications, a site inspection is required, this is a no charge service, a full written appraisal and quotation will be provided on request.

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