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Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane floor surface products have embraced the very latest technology available and have progressed in recent times to the point where their use in floor surface protection and anti slip coating areas is a viable and cost effective alternative to full Epoxy surfaces.

The wear factor is extremely promising, in fact we have experienced an effective life of over two years for a commercial anti-skid application to a large hotel service area over a previously slippery and dangerous vinyl floor surface.

Polyurethane is ideal for surfaces which may flex in their everyday use, the Polyurethane products we use allow the substrate surface to expand, contract and flex through normal use without the risk of the applied surface becoming dislodged or delaminating.

We prefer to use a locally manufactured, water-based product for applications in this area, there are no fumes, no residues and clearly reduced risk to the environment with the use of water based products.

This range of products is both economical to use and time effective in relation to downtime experienced during application and cure times, if time and money are a concern, then a Polyurethane product may be of interest to you, we can supply and apply this type of surface in either a clear finish or colours to suit, ideal for timber, vinyl, cork, concrete, some ceramic tiles, over-coating of almost any surface which is slippery when wet or dry. (Some surfaces would be subject to preparation to allow adhesion)

As with all floor-coating products it is preferred to inspect each site to accurately assess the requirements of the individual application. Please call our office for a no obligation, free site inspection and quote for serviced areas

Please feel free to call Slipsafe for a free site inspection, appraisal and written quotation.

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