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Slippery concrete is divided into two areas for Slipsafe attention, traditional smooth troweled concrete in garage floors is one area we can offer our services in, for this type of application, the client usually requires a low cost aggressive chemical etching process to simply stop the area being slippery when wet, Slipsafe can chemically alter the surface of slippery concrete in a similar fashion to ceramic tiles or in extreme cases a rough profile similar to broom finished concrete can be provided.

Once chemically altered, we would suggest a penetrating surface sealer to maintain the cleanliness of a treated concrete floor, the aggressive etching process used for concrete floors can make the floor area more porous and a little harder to clean, there are several inexpensive sealing products available to remedy this problem, both solvent and water based, available in a clear finish.

For commercial applications such as Motor Vehicle Showrooms, Commercial Kitchens Etc. we offer a full coating system designed to give both long life and an anti skid finish, you can have a shiny floor and the safety of an anti skid finish, these surfaces are available in a range of products and finishes which are detailed in our Surface Coatings section included herein.

Due to the many types of coating products available, each with their own application and use, we prefer to offer a full inspection and quotation for each site as and when required, you may need a full Epoxy floor surface with three or more coats of premium grade Epoxy, or simply a low cost surface using water based Polyurethane, whatever the need, Slipsafe can supply the solution.

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