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Slipsafe TGSI’s are available in hard wearing plastic rated to R11 (ramp test) these products as with the Stainless Steel line are available with stems (posts) for drilled applications or flat underside for areas where drilling is not practical.

A full range of accessories to assist in the installation of TGSI systems is available, these accessories include specialist adhesives, spacing tools, wedges, templates (for hire).

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Tactile's Photo Gallery

IMG_6050 IMG_6598
Plastic Flat Underside
Colour: Yellow
SS R11 YF (Yellow)
Plastic Stemmed Underside
Colours: Yellow, Black.
SS R11 YS (Yellow)
SS R11 BS (Black)
Plastic Flat Underside
Colour: Black.
SS R11 BF (Black)
Plastic Stemmed Underside
Colour: Tan
Plastic Stemmed Underside
Colour: Terracotta
Plastic Tactile Plate
Colour: Black
IMG_6064 IMG_6068
Plastic Tactile Plate
Colour: Yellow
Spacing Tool: 1.5 mm Spacing Tool
IMG_6074 IMG_6078 IMG_6070
T Spacing Tool Spacing Tool: 1.5 mm Deep Spacing Tool: 5mm
IMG_6059 IMG_6054 IMG_6056
Spacing Tool: 3mm Wedge Wedge

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