About Us

Slipsafe has been established since 1982 and as such we feel we are in the best position to offer both advice and solutions in this vital area of floor safety.

Any floor surface which is slippery when wet or dry can be made safer using one or more of the Slipsafe processes available through this company, we offer the very latest in Slip Prevention products and technology.

Free no obligation quotations and demonstrations are offered in most areas of Australia where we have representation, areas outside our present coverage are serviced as and when required.

Enquiries in regard to any of the services we offer are welcome, if you wish to contact Slipsafe, please use our Free call number 1800 074 577.



Freecall: 1800 074 577
Telephone: 0427 285 070
Email: sales@slipsafe.com.au
37 Drapers Road Eatons Hill QLD 4037