Ceramic Tiled Surfaces


Without doubt, the most requested application we are asked about is for ceramic tiles which are slippery when they are wet. A prime example is the domestic bathroom, for aesthetic purposes these areas are fitted with a glazed ceramic tile, these are easy to clean, look good and are relatively inexpensive.

The down side is the slipperiness of these tiles, in a lot of cases the client throws a bathmat on the floor and a suction cup mat on the bathtub or shower base, this works fine until the bathmat goes sliding on the wet tile and the suction cup mat develops smelly fungus on the underside.

At Slipsafe we have solved this problem by the provision of a chemical application which physically alters the surface profile of a ceramic surface, once treated with Slipsafe, this surface will provide a slip resistive finish which is now a part of the surface, there is no coating to wear off or come loose, simply a profiled surface which is just as easy to clean as it was before, and a lot safer.

The same principal would apply to tiled entry areas, or tiles in a building entry, around a pool, in fact if you have a tile which is slippery when wet then this process can address and solve the problem.

We guarantee compliance with the relevant Australian Standards AS 4663 (2004). NATA certified tests are available on the completed areas and a certificate of compliance is issued by the testing facility, these tests are carried out on site. (A must for insurance).

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