Cleaning Products and their uses

Slipsafe has a range of cleaning and maintenance products especially designed for use in the area of Slip Prevention.

These products are made available to the consumer in most cases, we have a very specialised cleaner we use for treated concrete surfaces called Hydro-clean, it is as the name may suggest, a product containing a small amount of Hydrochloric Acid as the active ingredient, as such we do not generally supply this product to the retail trade. In controlled use situations Hydro-clean has proven to be an excellent cleaning product with the ability to remove most staining and contamination from treated concrete and some tiled surfaces. Hydro-clean is available in 20 litre drums.

Another excellent cleaning product is our Heavy Duty Cleaner or "Blue" as we call it, "Blue" is an Alkaline Cleaning product designed to remove grease and general soiling from kitchen floors and industrial workshop areas, diluted as much as 80 parts water to one part cleaner, this product is so versatile it can be used to clean windows and give a streak free result, "Blue" is classified as Non Dangerous according to Worksafe Australia criteria and is safe to use in all situations. "Blue" is available in 20 litre containers.

The latest in our line of cleaning products is Slipsafe Green Clean. This product is the very latest in cleaning technology, classified as environmentally safe, Green Clean cleans by the use of Enzymes which actually eat the soiled matter and is completely Bio Degradable, trials by Slipsafe to date have shown Green Clean to be effective on every surface from Ceramic Tiles to Carpet, supplied in 20 litre drums, dilution rates are very high as such this is a very economical cleaning product with the added bonus of being environmentally safe for use in all areas.

Full Material Safety Data Sheets are available with these products.



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